Year in Review – Most Fun Gig

I like lots of different types of music but I’ll be honest and say that some of my favourite acts are bands or artists that tend towards the melancholic side of life. One of the things I’ve been trying to do more in the past few years is go to see bands or artists that I perhaps wouldn’t have in the past and I’ll be honest sometimes I’ve had a whole lot of fun doing this. The first one I decided to go to was Hot Chip in 2012. I really liked some of their singles and so I thought I’d see what they were like live. It turns out they were one big party live. I jumped up and down for the entire gig and they passed the ultimate test of a good gig when we left the venue everybody was still singing.

I’ve had 3 live acts this year that have had that same party vibe so I thought I’d a most fun gig category.

In 3rd place Basement Jaxx. They had a real carnival vibe with everybody dancing from the first song. It was a great live show with fantastic dancers, visuals, giant robots etc. With their numerous vocalists and no real front person you would imagine that they’d be kind of disjointed and that they wouldn’t really work well live. It shouldn’t work but it really did.

In 2nd place Example. Again he had everybody dancing from the beginning and we never stopped. He has so much energy it is unbelievable to watch and I have to say it looked like he had as much fun as everybody who paid to see him. At the end he didn’t want to go off stage and we didn’t want him to go. I smiled from beginning to end. Not going to see him at Glastonbury is also my biggest regret of last year. I wanted to go but my husband said we had to see the legends that are the Rolling Stones. I’m not a huge Stones fan but allowed myself to be swayed. We went to see The Stones and left after 5 songs to catch Chase & Status as we couldn’t hear them very well from our viewpoint.  We caught the Example set on the BBC and he has since agreed that he made the wrong call.

Lesson to self: Never, ever get caught up by hype go and see the act you like the most. If you’ve never been that keen before you’re not likely to be turned into a massive fan when you are there.

My winner for most fun gig of the year has got to be Chic at Glastonbury. Nile Rodgers is an amazing talent, so many hits and this set contained them all. Great singers, accomplished musicians and they all seemed to be having the time of their lives. It’s hard to pick a favourite song how do you choose between songs like Le Freak, I’m Coming Out, Let’s Dance, We Are Family and Good Times. It’s not hard to see why it was Fun gig of the year.

Thanks to Nile and Chic for Good Times that I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

Lesson Learned: Go to gigs from all genres of music take some risks you might just have some amazing times.


2 thoughts on “Year in Review – Most Fun Gig

  1. I saw a lot of great bands last year but for me the most fun was the small set The Beat did as part of Ramsbottom Festival (Followed closely by Public Service Broadcasting). Rankin Roger is a legend and brilliant fun. Bouncy. Bouncy. Bouncy.

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